Its CEO and partner, Hervé Beucherie, holds a PhD in pharmacy and boasts over fifteen years’ experience in the field of pharmaceutical operations – notably in international markets – and defines SEPHYTAL PHARMA’s vision as follows:

“At the heart of a network of technical, logistical and regulatory skills, SEPHYTAL PHARMA stays more closely in touch with its customers, has a better understanding of their needs, measures their satisfaction and fine-tunes its solutions. Because we have unique know-how, our customers view us as partners in our own right, as key players in their commercial and industrial strategies within the markets of their choice.”
Created in 1981, SEPHYTAL has focused its growth on the marketing of herbal medicine preparations, plant extracts and semi-synthetic products for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1989, it became the leading seller of natural laxative powders containing Senna and Psyllium in France.

In 1994, SEPHYTAL diversified, branching out into the cosmetics sector, and in the early 2000s it became a European leader in ethnic cosmetics.

In 2006, SEPHYTAL PHARMA was formed to further strengthen and develop its fast-expanding pharmaceutical and chemical business. To support this new venture, Healthcare professionals and international operations specialists were recruited, leading to a company with an exclusive focus on the chemical and pharmacy business operating in a global environment.